Firm Overview

Furr & Wegman Architects, P.A. is a multi-disciplined firm of architects, designers, CADD specialists and support staff with specialized expertise in commercial, institutional, educational and residential projects.

Our mission at Furr & Wegman is to apply innovative and creative architectural solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations, celebrate both Florida’s architectural legacy and future, provide beauty and value, and support environmental stewardship in these communities where we live and work.

Clients come to us for our knowledge of Florida’s architectural history and styles, our ability to provide strategic design across a broad number of project types and styles, and our skill in blending high quality planning and architecture with practical goals of building use, performance, budget and schedule constraints.

Where we live and work.

Furr & Wegman is Central Florida’s own architecture firm. We’re members of this community, and proud to design where we live, and live where we design. We fully understand the architectural challenges of designing transformative spaces in this subtropical climate. We’ve spent our careers working within the dictates of our sandy soils, constant humidity, heat, and glorious, endless sunshine.

Just as importantly, our team designs for Florida’s architectural legacy. We don’t helicopter in for your project then disappear once the ribbon is cut.

Living here in this community, we’ll most likely pass your project regularly during our daily routines. Our families and neighbors will ask us about our projects, and our pride will extend beyond professional to personal.

We’re designing architecture here in Florida because we love it here in Florida, and that purposeful, passionate sense of place will drive us to deliver impressive results.

There are many firms to consider for your next architectural project. If your project is here, there is no better qualified or more committed firm than Furr & Wegman Architects, P.A. of Lakeland.