FWA strives to motivate clients with vision, support and guidance that reflect our passion for design. The success of our work is measured by our commitment to engage our clients.

There are many firms to consider for your next architectural project.

There is no better qualified or more committed firm than Furr & Wegman Architects, P.A.

We believe that inclusion of stakeholders and consultants early in the planning stages creates meaningful and valuable projects that exceed expectations.

We begin with our clients’ visions and then translate them into refined architectural concepts through a thoughtful, collaborative design process.  We foster a consensus-building, visioning process proven to be highly valued for projects involving multiple stakeholders, agendas, and objectives.

We will lead, challenge and work with you to develop transformative solutions.

Our approach and process inspires clients to develop projects that positively impact the built environment while enriching their community. While we realize that it is important to create architectural designs, we know that any construction project cannot succeed without a sound business relationship as the foundation.

We approach each project with a solid commitment to our clients’ goals, schedule, and budget.


Our knowledge and ongoing research of Florida’s architectural legacy grounds us deeply here. We leverage this to help you to interpret and envision the ongoing legacy of your project, transforming its place and purpose through an enriched appreciation of the past and clear vision for the future.

We offer a variety of presentation techniques to suit your needs. They can range from simple renderings and physical models to 3-D virtual computer animation. All work is done in-house and we encourage clients to relax in our design studio and be engaged in our design process.